Our Mission

We support programs and projects that benefit Veterans, Active Military, Retired Military, Reservists, and Military Affiliates at UC San Diego and in the San Diego community.  Membership is open to ANYONE who supports our military and our mission.

John Cerda, James Seddon, Joanna Boval, Ronnie McClean



Chair – John Cerda – Army
Vice Chair/Communications Coordinator – Joanna Boval – Veteran Supporter
Treasurer – James Seddon – Navy
Media Coordinator – Ronnie McClean – Air Force Reserve

Board Member Bio’s

John Cerda – Chair | (858) 822-2556 | jcerda@ucsd.edu 

Coming from a family full of military Veterans, I always felt a desire to follow in their footsteps and show my appreciation for the country that gave my family so much. I joined the Army a year after I graduated high school. Since I spent 10 years in Catholic school surrounded by nuns, Drill Sergeants were no big deal. I wanted to choose a technical field so I became a Strategic Microwave Systems Repairer. You can imagine the plethora of jokes I received when people would ask me to fix their microwave. After the Army I went to Imperial Valley College, then transferred to UCSD where I studied Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts. I graduated in 2001, and have worked at the Shiley Eye Institute since then. I am currently the Director of Information Technology for the department. It has been a great honor to serve as a board member and I hope that we can make some great, positive changes in our Veteran community!

Joanna Boval – Vice Chair/Communications Coordinator | (858) 534-4382 | jboval@ucsd.edu

As the Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities at UC San Diego, I work closely with veteran students with disabilities and believe strongly in supporting those who have served in the military.  As Communications Coordinator, I am responsible for informing our membership about upcoming events and opportunities to support the veteran community.  Please come say hello at our next event; I would love to meet you!  Thanks!

 James Seddon – Treasurer | jseddon@ucsd.edu

I retired from the Navy in 2015 after 21 years of service, 6 active, and 15 in the reserves, including an OEF tour. I came to work at UCSD in 2005, while still in the reserves, and discovered how supportive the UCSD community is toward the military and veterans. After my retirement from the reserves, I wanted to help give back, and maintain this support, and have been honored to get to know the VSA and help out. I also work at UCSD in the IT Services Department as the Enterprise Network Operations group manager.

Ronnie McClean – Media Coordinator | (858) 822-2556 | rmcclean@ucsd.edu

I am currently serving in the Air Force Reserve for 13+ years now and I’m an OEF Veteran. On the civilian side of the house, I have been working for UCSD in Information Technology for 12+ years and have been a board member for the past three years.  I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events and/or meetings!